Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet

Outdoor concert in Oslo
Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
August 2016

Peer Gynt - a geography of lies

Commissioned by
Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
Peer Gynt
Peer Gynt: A Geography of Lies
A visualisation by Alexander Polzin in association with Eivind Aadland
Programme notes for the premiere by Alexander PolzinPeer Gynt is a masterpiece - comparable to Faust or The Odyssey. Eivind Aadland and Alexander Polzin are using Edvard Grieg's music as an opportunity to create an adventure through Ibsen's very rich text. They are less interested in illustrating the content of the text or simply fulfilling the expectations of the music, but are instead more curious to explore these worlds by creationg associations. The themes of excessive individualism versus communal social responsibility make clear just how contemporary this work remains. Perhaps, after each audience-member makes his or her own journey through the music and images, they might be inspired to return to the original Peer Gynt to rediscover where their roads may have met.

Recording in Cologne

WDR Sinfonieorchester
Eivind Aadland
Herbert Schuch, piano
Camilla Tilling, soprano
Tom Erik Lie, baritone
Edvard Grieg Complete Symphonic Works
Volume I - V
Recorded for Audite
Eivind Aadland has recently completed a critically acclaimed five-volume set of Grieg's complete symphonic works.

In the presentation of the project Audite writes:

This complete edition of  the symphonic works of Edvard Grieg, in five parts altogether, is especially convincing thanks to the authentic approach of the Norwegian Eivind Aadland, who strongly influences the interpretations of the WDR Symphony Orchestra Cologne under his direction. Volumes  1 and 2 are dedicated to the original orchestral works, whilst Vol. 3 of this series contains a portion of the transcriptions of works that Grieg had originally composed for the piano. He then orchestrated them, having become a popular composer and conductor, in order to have more symphonic material at his disposal. Not infrequently, the transcriptions surpass the originals in terms of fullness and richness of colour. The fourth part of this series combines Grieg's most popular work with his least known piece: whilst the Piano Concerto in A minor was the 25-year-old composer's breakthrough to international fame, he had decided to withdraw his symphony, written only a few years previously. Yet every page of the score - despite overt influences of Schumann, Gade and Mendelssohn - convinces, thanks to Grieg's youthful inspiration and superb invention. The fifth and final volume of audite's complete recording of Edvard Grieg's orchestral works reveals a less familiar side of the Norwegian national composer: as arranger of his own lyrical and patriotic songs, surrounded by elegiac and dance-like melodies.